Privacy Policy

impossible web design collects information about its clients in order to provide better security solutions and service. We here at impossible web design have a strong commitment to personal privacy and choice. We will not sell or distribute any personal information about you to third parties except where required to by applicable laws or court order. This means that we will never sell your e-mail address or other personal information.

All e-mail lists at impossible web design operate strictly on an opt-in basis. This means that unless you sign up for a newsletter, you will not receive any such newsletter from us. We believe that the use mass, unsolicited mail, (better known as "spam") is an unethical practice. To receive our security newsletters, simply send an e-mail message to Should you ever receive a newsletter from impossible web design that you did not sign up for, or if you wish to be removed from a mailing list, simply reply to the message with the subject line "REMOVE", and you will be removed from all future mailings from that list as soon as possible. If you wish to ensure that you never receive any newsletters from impossible web design, simply send an e mail to, with the subject line "REMOVE ALL". Notices of changes to our privacy policy will still be mailed out unless your personal information is removed from our system at your request. To remove your e-mail address from our systems, please specify this in the body of your e-mail message.

impossible web design reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time. However, should the policy be changed, we will post the new policy and e-mail notice of the changes to all contacts at least 15 days (or such shorter or longer time as mandated by law or any judicial or government body) prior to the new policy taking effect. If you find the new privacy policy unacceptable, you can have your information removed from our systems simply by replying to the message and asking that your personal information be removed from our systems.

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