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Abbotsford British Columbia is located right next to the Canada United States border and Greater Vancouver. With an approximate population of 139,075 people, it is currently the third-largest municipality outside of Metro Vancouver, Province of British Columbia. The first Abbotsford store was established in 1832 by a man named Samuel Johnson Abbot. The first stores began cropping up in Abbotsford as a result of the demand for food and clothing that was there. It is now one of the fastest-growing communities in British Columbia with an expanding economy that continues to attract new people.

Abbotsford BC is an ever-changing community. In recent months, the community has witnessed dramatic changes with a number of positive events take place. This has led to a large influx of visible minorities into Abbotsford such as Inuit, First Nations, and Metis. With the increase of visible minorities, the role of abbotstones in creating a sense of pride amongst visible minorities in Abbotsford BC is also increasing.

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The city of Abbotsford sits on the banks of the majestic Douglas Creek. The affluent community of Abbotsford is made up of homes and condominiums that are designed to attract those who are looking for a modern lifestyle. The streets in Abbotsford are lined with high-end stores, boutiques, and restaurants. The residential area of Abbotsford sits on the banks of the Douglas Creek with the City of Greater Victoria just to the south and the Sunshine Coast to the north. Abbotsford sits on the confluence of three major rivers, which makes it one of the most desirable places in which to live.

Abbotsford Communities

The community of Abbotsford BC is made up of six municipalities which include; North; East; West; Sunshine Coast; and Sunshine Coast Riding British Columbia. The Fraser River flows through Abbotsford and provides water for the city of Abbotsford. The Conventional Railway is another important contributor to the economy of Abbotsford and this railway station is opened by the local bus service every day. The specialty of Abbotsford is it is surrounded by beautiful scenery both in the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas and the ocean.

The largest contributor to the Abbotsford economy is the fishing industry with over forty individual fishing businesses that employ over 300 individuals. The local economy of Abbotsford BC consists of many diverse industries including forestry, tourism, farming, food processing, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical. Abbotsford city itself is a vibrant market town with over one hundred shops selling a wide variety of goods in addition to numerous restaurants and pubs. There are also a variety of different organizations in the area such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Lions Club of Abbotsford, and several other non-profit organizations. There are numerous sporting events held in the area including the Abbotsford Football Association football league.

The beginning of the twenty-first century saw the opening of a new segment of the Abbotsford market known as Yale Road. Abbotsford was considered a poor area in which to live because there were few stores, and many of the houses had no running water or sewer. As the population of Abbotsford began to increase, a sewer line was run out through the entire city, but it was an isolated section of town. When the first gas station was built in Abbotsford, the name of the town was changed to Abbotsford.

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Other Neighborhoods in Abbotsford

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