Learning how to design a website with WordPress

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Learning how to design a website with WordPress is not a complicated task, provided you know how to use the tools available. One of the first things that you should consider is the theme of your website. There are various types of themes that you can choose from to customize your website to the specific needs of your visitors. So, choose the most suitable theme.

Once you have chosen your theme, it is time to upload your files. Choose a secure server in which to upload all files so that no one else can view or edit them. As a rule, it is not safe to publish any file on the Internet until you have tested it to be secure. Use a testing server, which is not paid, so that you can see how your website will appear in browsers without any problems.

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, the next step is to select a template from the options offered by WordPress. There are various templates offered on this web platform. Select the template that best suits your website and its purpose. It is advisable that you personalize the template, so that the visitors come to know about your site in a unique manner. This will make them feel at home and develop a special relationship with your website.

Next, you need to register a domain name for your website. For this you need to enter the details needed, which can be found on the footer of your website. Once you have done this, you need to go to your control panel to activate plugins and features. The plugins provide you with a number of options, which include functionality such as auto-installer, content updates and more. However, you must choose the ones that you will be comfortable with.

Now that everything is set, you can start publishing your website. In order to do this, you will need to sign in to your WordPress hosting account. You can log in to your hosting via your domain name or IP address. If you have registered a domain name, then you will see a page on your hosting control panel. Similarly, if you have not yet registered any domain name, then you will be directed to a page where you can click on’manage domains’.

Once you are on this page, you need to fill in the information required, which includes your name, your preferred language, description of your website, webpage titles and descriptions, etc. After finishing your submission, you will need to upload your files. For uploading files, you will use your web browser. For this, you need to click on’upload files’ and then follow through the instructions. Once all your required files are uploaded, you can now design your website.

One important tip, when designing your website, is to select a theme. It is very important for you to select a theme that fits your business requirements and the nature of your website. So, selecting a specific theme will help you achieve a specific look and feel of your website. One of the most common themes available today is the one that provides you with one header, six columns widths and two sidebars. All the six columns width of the header and sidebars will depend on the size of your screen.

One more important step when looking to learn how to design website with WordPress is to ensure that you have included all the necessary features. These include a sitemap, search box, login area, email confirmation, customizer options, etc. Other features that you may want to include in your website include podcasting, polls, shopping cart, and so on. However, before adding any of these features in your website, ensure that they are supported by your hosting provider. In addition, ensure that your web host offers all these features for free.

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