Birchwood Dairy Farm

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Birchwood Dairy Farm is one of most popular agri-tourism destinations in Abbotsford. Located on 220 acres off Fadden Road, this family-owned and operated dairy farm has been drawing visitors since it opened in 1968.

Visits to this farm is open to the public all week long. An ice cream parlor and a processing plant are onsite magnets for this dairy farm with some 120 milking cows. The farm is self-sustained, growing enough silage and hay to feed its cows year-round.

The onsite fully equipped processing plant of Birchwood Dairy Farm produces all its products fresh daily. Patronage of its various thus have grown over the years.

The bestsellers of this dairy farm include picks of frozen yoghurt and gourmet ice cream with 50 flavors to choose from. Visitors also flock to this farm for cream, milk, whip cream, European-style tart yogurts, and sour cream.

The cheeses in Birchwood Dairy Farm also come in various choices. Among these are cheddar, marble, Monterey Jack, feta, and the squeaky cheese cheddar curd. Seasonal homemade eggnog made onsite is another delightful find at this dairy farm.
All these goodies that Birchwood Dairy Farm offers, especially its ice cream, have made it a favorite stop for people of all ages. The farm’s countryside ambiance can provide a learning experience, too.
There’s an observation room in this farm where you can watch workers milk cows from around mid- to late afternoon. Children and adults can also have some fun in its area where visitors can interact with farm animals.
There are also plenty of lawn space and picnic tables around the farm. Here, visitors can enjoy the views of scenic mountains and the nearby fields and farms. On colder days, they can relax in the heated sitting area inside the farm’s country kitchen.

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