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Babich can be best described as a quaint little neighborhood tucked between the Maclure Road and George Ferguson Way, right in the heart of the city. Given its convenient location, residents can easily travel to cities like Mission, Vancouver and Chilliwack.
This welcoming neighborhood boasts a combination of both commercial and residential buildings and guarantees a peaceful semi-urban setting while also providing all the amenities and conveniences usually associated with a metropolitan.
The community in this neighborhood is known to be vibrant and lively. You’ll find people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, and ethnic groups living here peacefully. The housing market is also quite varied and meets the needs of most families. In fact, the neighborhood is popular among first-time buyers and young families because of the reasonable price of housing here. It’s also popular among families because of the numerous institutions in the area that offer top-notch education.
A bunch of entertainment, shopping, and dining options are also close by, while recreation areas and amazing parks provide a great place for different open-air activities like jogging and cycling. Two of the most famous parks in the neighborhood include Babich Park, which comprises a large green space, a soccer field, and even a baseball diamond, Century Park, and Silvertree Park. The restaurants, shops, recreation centers, and enterprises in the area also provide great career opportunities for the people living here.
The residents of the area have been successful in creating a hospitable and friendly environment, which has, in turn, made the area an investment hub, with lots of start-ups setting shop here. Crime rates here are also low, and there’s a community support program to ensure the safety of all residents. Hospitals are also close by, such as the ARHCC. There’s also a yoga studio and a henna studio in the locality.
Keeping all these amenities and facilities in mind, the area isn’t just great for residents looking for a warm and convenient neighborhood to settle down in Abbotsford, but it’s also an ideal place for a weekend retreat with loved ones where you just want to have a nice, relaxing time.

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