Clearbrook Abbotsford

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Clearbrook Abbotsford, BC Canada has one of the fastest-growing populations in this part of Canada. The community offers an abundance of year-round recreational opportunities: Clearwater Beach has access to Clearwater Island’s ferry, so you can visit while it’s still wintering there, and you’ll find several sailing, boating, swimming, and fishing charters in the area. There are also two marinas for motorized vessels. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity in real estate, Abbotsford BC is ideal.

Clearwater Abbotsford BC Canada is quickly becoming a hot real estate destination. In fact, in just the last three months, the sale of real estate in Clearwater Beach, Nova Scotia, sold for over one million dollars. This particularly impressive amount of money is made up primarily of residential homes (which are usually priced in the thousands of dollars), but it also includes several commercial properties (which range from restaurants to specialty shops). The rapidly growing economy of Nova Scotia, coupled with the relatively low cost of living and favorable business climate in the area, makes for a perfect storm for property buyers.

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At the head of the list of promising developments in this part of Canada, you will find the breathtaking Georgian Bay seascape, a favorite among visitors to both Canada and the United States. The bay is also one of the most heavily industrialized areas in Canada, so it comes as no surprise that one of the many major corporations located here produced one of the top ten best wines of the world, in terms of taste and flavor. On the top floor of the magnificent Georgian buildings sits the world-famous Belltower, which was the home of both Sir John Franklin and Queen Victoria. Other impressive historical landmarks include the Rideau Canal, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters, Rideau Harbour Bridge, and the Rideau Tunnel, which connect both Nova Scotia and Ontario. As if these aren’t enough to set your pulse racing, let’s not forget the stunning natural beauty of the region, which is ranked second in the entire world for its diversity of plant and animal life.

For those interested in a more “traditional” type of vacation experience, there is the possibility of taking a cruise across the Strathcona River, from one of the many pristine inns along the river’s banks. There is also the option of staying in one of the hotels in the region or even taking one of the numerous private and/or state-of-the-art yachts that are available. The Yacht Club distillery is another great stop for the wine connoisseur, as well as a great place to explore the local architecture. For tourists and visitors who enjoy mountain biking, hiking, or riding ATVs, there is ample opportunity to do so on Canada’s mountain ranges. Clearwater and Sunshine Coast also offer mountain bikers opportunities.

With a plethora of local eateries serving up mouth-watering cuisine from around the globe, visitors won’t have any trouble finding a great dining experience in Clearbrook Abbotsford. Of course, it won’t be long before the avid wine and food enthusiast makes their way to the prestigious wine trails that dot the area. The fine dining establishments of this area boast some of the finest chefs in the country, which makes the chance to sample some of their award-winning menus even more exciting. Top chefs in this region include Paul Bertani, Daniel Mastri, Danial Powter, Peter Reinhart, Michael Solomon, Nick Resto, and John Wilkinson. All the food and wine lovers can stop by these fantastic restaurants to sample a wide selection of fares from around the world, including Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.

Clearwater and Sunshine Coast are proud to present some of the best natural experiences in the BC region. If you are looking for peace and serenity, take a trip to these areas and enjoy the natural pleasures of the BC area. Clearwater and Sunshine Coast abounds with natural wonders, and if you want to experience true Canadian living, then you need to go to the area and sample some of the best that Canada has to offer.

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