Matsqui Trail Regional Park

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Matsqui Trail Regional Park stretches on the south banks of the Fraser River and is accessible from Tall Road. Its area spreads north of Abbotsford and across from the town of Mission.
The park’s centerpiece and namesake pathway is a level dike trail that extends for more than 6 miles along the Fraser River. The trail provides scenic views of the Fraser and Cascade Mountains. The quiet farms that border the Fraser Mountains look spectacular, too, from this trail.
The Matsqui Trail is popular among hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riders. Reserve two hours if you plan to explore this trail on foot round trip. A trek here, thus, would be a good opportunity to bond with a friend or a kin.
Late spring would be the most interesting time for a walk on this trail and around the park. The waters of the Fraser River are at their highest and more picturesque at this time of the year.
The spring months are also ideal for fishing on the Fraser River. Visitors of the Matsqui Trail Regional Park need a valid BC tidal fishing license for this recreational activity.
With this license, you have a great inshore fishing spot under the Mission-Abbotsford Bridge located in the park. This top boundary of the tidal river features a sand and gravel beach along the river banks. It is a popular spot for those fishing with small children in tow.
Anglers fishing inshore Fraser River have the opportunity to catch peamouth chub and small northern pikeminnow. Summer time fishing close to shore can also yield catch of Coho and pink salmon.
Fraser River is notably famous for its massive salmon runs during the months of July, August, and September. In these summer months, tidal currents upriver are said to drive an average of 20 million to 50 million salmons up the river.
Several sports fishing charters operate near the Matsqui Trail Regional Park. Booking one of their boats for a river fishing trip unlocks the opportunity for catching the legendary sturgeon salmon.
These charters have the professional guides who know the best sturgeon fishing spots on the Fraser River. Their services will level up your chance of landing this dinosaur-era fish known to weigh upward of 800 pounds.

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