Mill Lake Park

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The central location of Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford easily makes it one of the most popular parks in the city. As winsome for visitors, this park also offers many recreational activities both on land and water-based in its centerpiece, eponymous lake.
The name of the park’s lake was from a sawmill built along lake’s shore at the turn of the century. The company behind the mill grew to eventually become one of the top employers of British Columbia during these years. The lumber that the mill processed in the lake produced thousands of railway ties for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
The depleted local forests and the Great Depression forced the mill’s closure in the mid-1930s. Afterwards, the Abbotsford Lions Club bought the mill site and removed its equipment. This paved to way for repurposing Mill Lake into a park, with sand and grass added for the conversion.
A 2.1-kilometer trail was paved around Mill Lake, as one of the park’s major facilities. This trail is mostly flat and thus easily accessible for hiking, running, and biking.
The park also features a charming boardwalk traversing an eastern section of the lake. The views are fascinating from the boardwalk where you can catch a glimpse of Mt. Baker on clear days.
Boating and fishing are as enjoyable at the Miller Lake Park where a boat ramp has been constructed. There are no boat rentals though in the park, and visitors have to bring in a canoe or kayak to access the lake’s waters.
The Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery stocks Mill Lake with rainbow trout between March and June. Besides this potential catch, fishing for bass and steelhead can be productive in the lake from July to August.
The trail of Mill Lake Park opens access to its other recreational facilities. These park attractions include three playgrounds, a spray park, a kids’ outdoor pool, and a picnic area with shelter. Visitors can also have fun in the park’s sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, and fitness track.
Side attractions are also accessible around the periphery of Mill Lake Park. One of these comes in the 25-meter Centennial Pool on the park’s western side. A walk on the eastern part of the park can lead to a tour of the historic 1920s Trethewey House Heritage Site.

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