Abbotsford Tradex and Exhibition Center BC Canada

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The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, in partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAR) and the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) today announced the opening of the new Abbotsford-PAX automobile show. This facility will bring together auto dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and other industry participants for round-the-clock talks, free trade exhibitions, and presentations. In anticipation of this major industry event, the ministry has also announced a new, improved bus terminal in Abbotsford. It will serve as the new touch point between the Abbotsford area and London. The terminal, featuring new vehicle check-in/check-out lanes, is expected to result in a significant increase in overall traffic flow into and out of Abbotsford.


The Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Center or TRADEX is currently the second largest exhibition centre of its kind in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Like many large scale events, the TRADEX exhibits and fairs attract thousands of visitors from Canada and the United States. Visitors will find many exhibitors displaying a wide range of products and services, including transportation related products, fashion and design, accessories, housewares, mechanical tools, food services and related industries, as well as specialty services. The fair is also host to several entertainment activities, including “Carolina Car Show”, “Carolina Chocolate Festival”, “Carol duvall Exhibitions” and much more.

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At this year’s Abbotsford Exhibition and Congress Centre we expect that this year’s visitor count will be up from previous years. Some of the new additions this year are the newly remodeled Carousel Lodge, plus the addition of new businesses and condos to the area. This year’s convention location is still being finalized, but guests should already be able to visit the Abbotsford Tradex and Exhibition Center due to prior bookings. This exciting addition is expected to create a unique atmosphere for this year’s fair.


Located at the base of the majestic Campbell’s Tower, The British Columbia Company’s Abbotsford exhibition and trade show center is ideal for business travelers who want to get a feel for what this area has to offer. With impressive architecture and panoramic views of the valley you will be hard pressed to not have a great time in this beautiful venue. The main exhibition floor space, which is approximately half a square mile in size is broken up into three areas. These sections are home to numerous exhibit exhibits, interactive zone areas and of course the live music concerts. The sound system is state of the art with a full bar and plenty of guest areas for potential customers to relax and enjoy their time while visiting the fair.


Visitors to Abbotsford are advised to make their hotel reservations as early as possible, as the dates and times for various events may vary depending on the year round traffic patterns and environmental conditions. For example, the summer months are often extremely hot and humid. As a result, guests may find that they need a break from the outdoor patio heat and enjoy some outdoor events. It is important to make your hotel arrangements early so that you do not miss out on any prime times. The same holds true if you were planning a trip to Abbotsford for the winter: book your room in advance to guarantee yourself a spot in your desired room during peak winter times.

Traveling by plane to Abbotsford and returning in the fall is also an excellent option when considering a vacation destination. With easy access to the airport, you can make a reservation either online or over the phone with a trusted travel agent. This option is ideal if you are unfamiliar with the area or do not wish to take a cab to the hotel. You will then be able to explore the beautiful British Columbia countryside and experience the many attractions in person. Whether you are traveling for a weekend of shopping and sightseeing or a week-long getaway to experience nature and wildlife, Abbotsford is a wonderful and convenient way to experience Canada’s First Nation culture.

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