High Street Abbotsford

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The outlet at Highstreet Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada is a popular British Columbia gift shop that sells a variety of specialty items. The outlet’s motto is “We are the masters of our fate.” In keeping with the British colonial origins, Highstreet offers many unique items that are crafted by hand. There are a large selection of coffee mugs, coasters, and glassware that can all be purchased from this particular high street store. The following paragraphs will detail each of these various products.

One of the most popular items sold at Highstreet is their Coffee Cups & Coasters Collection. This collection consists of 16 different designs, each one representing a British province. Some of the designs in this collection include British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Customers can choose from various styles of cups such as traditional, sports, or modern. The styles range from simple to intricate.

Another popular item sold at this store is their Glassware and Coasters Collection. This collection is comprised of various items such as coasters, shot glasses, and glassware for drinking coffee, tea, and cocoa. The different vessels feature a British provincial look. They also offer many different sizes and colors. This particular outlet offers two styles of vessel storage, which include side draw and top draw varieties.

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The Highstreet Abbey biscuit tin can also be found in their lineup of coffee mugs. Their biscuit mugs are made from an original recipe and are one of a kind. Each one has a colorful, whimsical label that is printed on the tin. This store also offers other coasters, such as beach, garden, patio, travel, and kitchenware. The various coasters can be used for different occasions and come in a variety of colors and designs.

One of the products that will surely catch your attention in this store is the Highstreet egg tea coaster. This particular coaster is round and rectangular shaped and it contains a hole in its middle. It looks like a yolk, and its shell has a cute design and is also printed with a lovely scene of an egg. Its color is also green, and it is very cute and fun.

The Highstreet Abbottsford mugs and coasters are also known to have a unique and quality service. This is because every product sold in this store is crafted by hand. The company believes in providing its customers with premium products that are made with great care so that they can last for a long time. Many people who have bought their mugs and coasters from this store have found them to be of high quality and have been satisfied with them for years.

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