Explore Sippchai Cafe Abbotsford, CA

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A visit to the Sippchai Cafe Abbotsford can be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind. Located in Abbotsford, BC Canada, this unique coffee shop offers guests an opportunity to try a wide variety of beverages and pastries from all over the world, in addition to the exquisite Thai delicacies that are offered on a daily basis. The Sippchai Cafe was created by two men who met while participating in an art and cultural exchange in Thailand. Now, they have created a dreamy place that is set to bring a world-class experience to visitors from around the globe.

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The Sippchai Cafe started out as just a one-bar, specialty coffee shop, but has since expanded to several locations across the United States, as well as in Canada. It features a variety of hand picked specialty coffees and blends, along with an extensive menu that features everything from sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood, Indian meals, and Mediterranean fare. Guests are able to enjoy these delicious dishes and beverages without having to leave their comfortable seats on the patio. Many events are held at the Sippchai every day, including music festivals, book signings, and movie nights. There is also a craft section for customers to enjoy while they wait for their favorite snack.

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When visiting the Sippchai, take advantage of the Sipahi Culture immersion tour. This tour allows visitors to hear stories, songs, and learn about the heritage of Thailand. They will learn the history of the Khmer tribe, which is famous for beautiful art pieces, jewelry, and home decorations. You will also experience a real life reconstruction of a Khmer princess, as well as meet her beloved horse, Sam Rattanak.


While at the Sippchai, make sure to try some of the specialty coffees made right on the property. Guests are allowed to sample several different blends, including the Java Jazz, Bee Bonds, and Decaf Black. Be sure to stop in for a bite to eat at the numerous dining options, including The Golden Pagoda, The Lumberyard, and a variety of other Thai inspired eateries. In addition to the daily breakfast, guests are welcome to enjoy dinner at any of the dining establishments.


For a closer relationship to nature, visit the Sippchai and watch the seals play. Experience the refreshing sound of water trickling over rocks below. The Sippchai also has a gently operated boat that operates year round. Enjoy the wildlife encounter and a picnic right on the beach. If you would rather have some indoor activity, check out the indoor karting center before you leave.


The Sippchai is open Sunday through Friday, with afternoon and evening hours available for lunch and dinner. Take your pick from a variety of Thai inspired foods including salads, sandwiches, pan congee, chicken rice, and soup. The cafe also offers a wide variety of desserts such as fruit parfaits, pies, and ice cream. Sippchai is not the only place to get great Asian cuisine, however. Explore the various cultures of Bangkok and come back to a new city every day.