Field House Brewing – A Tranquil Stop For A Craft Beer Experience

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The famous Field House Brewing Company is located in Abbotsford, BC Canada. Started in 1977 by brothers Rob and Mark Widams, they named their brewery after two places in their town: Abbotsford Winery and the Canadian National Trail. As their loyal customers know, these breweries make their own award-winning beers, including a special brew called Fuggle, that’s made from maple syrup and wheat flour. The brewing equipment is state-of-the-art, and you’ll see why they’re called “The Original Brew House”.

If you plan on traveling to Canada during the first leg of your Canadian journey, be sure to stay in the area to enjoy the many exceptional breweries that Abbotsford is known for. For many years, The Original Brew House has been serving up award-winning ales and lagers right here in Abbotsford, BC Canada. On any given weekend, you can find several events happening at the brewery, ranging from tastings, workshops, to live music performances. Don’t miss out on all the exciting live entertainment the place offers. And don’t forget to grab an image credit to use when you make your custom Canada entry fee reservation at the festival venue:

For anyone who plans on taking Canada into further depth, Field House Brewing Abbotsford BC Canada is recommended. This award-winning operation has won six straight national crowns, including the coveted “series medal” – an honor that not every Canadian brewer is eligible to earn. The brewing facilities at the facility are led by master brewer Paul Ruschmann, whose enthusiasm for all things sour fermented is apparent in his daily brews, which run the full spectrum from Belgian dark to fruited offerings. If you want to learn more about Canada’s rich history, and the fascinating way the settlers impacted our culture today, take a stop in the tasting room and try some of Ruschmann’s work.

In addition to a diverse menu of beers, Field House Brewing Abbotsford BC Canada also offers a full menu of wine, cider, and spirits. The selection includes over forty brands of wine, which rotate seasonally. If you’re looking for a special occasion, they offer private and group wine tasting parties, complete with a guided tour of the breweries and a chat with the owner, along with a meal and a few raffle tickets for guests. On a less busy day, you might enjoy a leisurely stroll through the quaint streets of Abbotsford, stopping in at the local coffee shop for a hot cup of tea or a snack. You’ll never get too much of either of these locally roasted selections.

When it comes to both brewing and food, there are dozens of options. Guests can choose from a smattering of farm tables and chairs scattered throughout the quaint Abbotsford village. There are also tables and seats set up in the castle fun park for festivals like the Royal Canadian Screen Actors’ Festival and the Abbotsford Beer Festival. You won’t have to worry about getting your hands on a six pack of brew either; the wineries offer picnic packages that include a cooler filled with fresh, unfiltered water and food choices from their restaurants and pubs.

Whether you live in the area or you just want to come to Abbotsford for the world class beer and winery experience, you will not be disappointed. The brewers themselves make sure that guests are kept very busy while they are enjoying their delicious beers and delicious meals. The locals also do a wonderful job of making sure that everyone has a wonderful time while in the charming village of Abbotsford. The combination of a vibrant local economy, world class attractions and exceptional food makes this valley winery the perfect stop on any trip to Abbotsford or the
surrounding area.
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