Fishtrap Creek Park

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The Fishtrap Creek Park stretches along the eastern corridor of MacLure Road and serves the Abbotsford community in two ways. It was first developed as a stormwater storage basins system. The improvements that followed merited having a park in the creek area.
This park is thus under Abbotsford’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP). The health of watersheds like Fishtrap Creek under this action plan are not only protected and preserved. An ISMP, at the same time, addresses current watershed issues, such as meeting local development needs.
The formula behind the Fishtrap Creek ISMP involved a study area covering about 3,050 acres. The area that this study covered included Fishtrap Creek and East Fishtrap Creek as well as other creeks and a brook nearby.
Following the ISMP for Fishtrap Creek, stormwater storage basins were built on its upper sections. These structures weren’t only designed to protect from flooding the creek’s urban neighborhoods which notably include part of Abbotsford Airport. The basins’ construction was also aimed to help drain nearby farmlands.
The implementation of the Fishtrap Creek ISMP likewise involved deepening and widening of the creek’s channel. Unwanted vegetation was also removed. The local Environmental Youth Team, in addition, planted the riparian areas along a portion of the creek to help prevent erosion.

The ISMP created a new environment of forest, spits, wetlands, marsh, and islands that formed the template for Fishtrap Creek Park. Many of the park’s attractions are around the storage basins.

A recreation trail was laid out in the park, opening a 1.9-kilometer loop pathway for jogging and walking. This trail is paved and flat, making it suitable for all ages and varying fitness levels. It’s also wide enough to accommodate baby strollers and wheelchairs. Additionally, the park’s trail links to the longer Discovery Trail opening access to other points of interest in Abbotsford.

Fishtrap Creek Park provides lookout viewpoints and benches, providing opportunities for birdwatching. Song birds and waterfowl frequent this park, especially with the implantation of the ISMP here.

A picnic shelter and informative signage have been installed too in the park. Other parks near Fishtrap Creek like Gardner Park to the west offer more options for recreational facilities.

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