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Huntingdon is most famous for the Sumas-Huntingdon Border Crossing, which connects Sumas in Washington and Abbotsford on the US-Canadian border. Highway 11 also cuts through the neighborhood and the Canada Border Services Agency is also located here, making its location quite convenient and strategic.
The area is pretty modest, but it’s a welcoming place for people from both sides of the border. Despite being smaller than most other neighborhoods in the city, you won’t find anything lacking. There’s Huntingdon park, a lovely park that promises a family-friendly environment and great picnic spots. There’s also a duty-free for all your last-minute shopping needs.
Transportation isn’t an issue, not just because of Highway 11, but also because there are numerous bus stops in the area to facilitate you.
When it comes to things to do here, you’ll find yourself turning to Gallery 7 Theatre & Performing Arts or Purrberry, both very unique places that guarantee a good time.
The former is a theater company with some exciting performances, especially on the weekends. These performances vary widely; some can be pretty thought-provoking, while others will leave you in fits. In both cases, you’ll always come back for more!
The latter is a well-maintained cattery, where you can adopt some of the sweetest, most affectionate, and beautiful Persian cats. Even if you’re not looking to adopt one, you can still visit and have a nice time with some feline friends!
Huntingdon also takes care of your driving needs. If you need to rent a car, Grewal Motors is the place to be, and if you need a license, head over to Sumas Driving School or Gateway Driving School. Both are great options with glowing reviews and some of the best instructors.
Other things in the neighborhood include some customer-oriented businesses, like Glassworks Enterprises, Axcess Box Mobile Storage, and Abbotsford Used Truck & Parks Ltd.
Compared to other neighborhoods in the city, the living cost in Huntingdon is pretty decent. Considering its location, the cost of housing is fair, and you get good value for your money. The crime rate is also lower than the city average, making it a secure and safe area.

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