Mill Lake

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Mill Lake gets its name from the iconic lake, which serves as the centerpiece of the Mill Lake Park. The neighborhood is connected to the Trans-Canada Highway and lies in the south-central urban core. It’s a mix of a residential and commercial area — the urban hub includes recreational and commercial hubs, schools, and a plethora of parks.
All amenities that you might need while living here are pretty close, including the Sevenoaks Shopping Center, the state-of-the-art Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Center, and senior care facilities, which is one of the reasons why this area is preferred by senior members of the society.
The livability score of the area is quite high, while the cost of living, rental prices, and real estate is lower than the overall average of the city.
The neighborhood itself is serene, peaceful, and offers scenic views thanks to the plethora of parks, like Splash Park which also includes an overwater boardwalk and paths, and Ravine, Hoon, and Switzer Parks that have pedestrian paths, playgrounds to keep children busy, and picnic tables for a nice day out. The parks, combined with the hiking trails in the area, make the area a great option for outdoor enthusiasts.
The lake itself promises a tranquil environment and provides you a place to relax, wind down and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Options for indoor activities aren’t sparse, either. Abbotsford Arts Center, which is a performing arts theater, is one of the most famous spots for young and old alike. The place hosts not only plays and dances, but also car shows and sporting events.
There are lots of learning institutions for children as well, including Godson Elementary School and Jackson Elementary. Other amenities include sports facilities, libraries, and a number of nursing homes, wellness centers, and fitness centers. The area also has a shopping mall, a number of churches, and lots of eateries and cafés.
Overall, Mill Lake is a pretty secure neighborhood and is a great option for families, specially those with senior members. Everything is nearby, housing is affordable, and all amenities are easily available.
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