Lower Ten Oaks

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Lower Ten Oaks is a residential area which is suitable for all types of households, but is the most famous among families. In fact, families in the area usually have one child present at home, with most of them being young children. It’s a multicultural community where different groups of families live in harmony, including retirees, young professionals, and middle-class families.
The neighborhood is considered one of the best in the city, boasts numerous job and investment opportunities for looking to advance their career or expand their enterprises, and has quite a few entertainment venues. While singles can have a great time here with all the available amenities, the area also includes a number of top-notch educational institutions (including elementary, middle, and secondary schools) that both parents and children love.
Homeownership in the neighborhood is also high, with less than 15% of people opting for renting. Homes here range from old ones to modern ones. Tree-lined streets and houses with well-kept yards are a common sight here. While most people opt for single-family quarters, you’ll also see quite a few townhouses. Common activities and interests in the area include swimming, gardening, and reading.
Lower Ten Oaks is conveniently located and is famous for how close it is to a number of great parks such as Saddle, McKee, Stoney Creek, Juniper, and Berks Park. You’ll find picnic sites and walking trails in all these parks, making the area ideal for families with young children.
The socialization and outdoor leisure opportunities in the neighborhood are also not lacking. Some points of interest include a fishing charter, a U-Haul, a few churches, a bead store, a sports club, and numerous cafés and restaurants. Considering all the services, amenities, educational institutions, and business opportunities here, Lower Ten Oak is a very livable neighborhood, especially for families with young children. And commuting isn’t an issue either.
The crime late is low and the sense of community is strong. Thanks to the wide range of resources available and community facilities, libraries, and amusement parks, those wishing to settle in Abbotsford will find the area suitable for all their needs!

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