Townline Hill

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Famous for the Townline Hill Park, Townline Hill has nearly everything you might expect from a recently-established neighborhood. The amenities and utilities available here cater to the needs of both young and old alike and is a great place for families, couples, and seniors.
The neighborhood is famous for its plethora of parks. The Townline Hill Park itself is a small playground with slides for kids and a baseball diamond with night lighting for evening games. As suggested by the name, the park also has a nice hill that serves as the ideal photography spot. Other facilities at the park include bathrooms, bleachers, and park benches. You can also find the beautiful goldfinch and wild-growing sunflowers here.
Ponderosa Park is another nice and peaceful park with a sanctuary of animals and birds. There’s a small lake in the park with turtles, geese, and ducks, a picnic area, and a playground as well.
This neighborhood is perfect for budding entrepreneurs since it’s economically booming with numerous startups operating here. Shopping and retail are also not a problem here, thanks to the popular Highstreet Shopping Mall that has more than 100 shops, and Walmart Supercenter.
Townline Hill is the ideal option for young parents and those looking to start a new life. The neighborhood has a number of great schools and daycare centers, like the Wagner Childcare & Learning Center, which is loved by all parents. Considering that it’s still a young neighborhood, there are lots of opportunities for families who want their own houses.
That’s not all. The area is applauded for its high livability score, which is not just because of the low crime rate, but also because of the wealth of services and resources available and the strong sense of community in the people living here. Moving around is also not difficult thanks to the well-connected network of major transit connections.
The neighborhood is also home to numerous establishments including fast food joints, cafés, eateries, medical facilities, and hotels as well as family-owned businesses, so employment opportunities are plenty. Security is also good here, thanks to security-related initiatives including community watch programs.

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