Mill Lake

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Located in British Columbia, in the middle of the valley, is Mill Lake BC Canada. Flanked by the Trans Canada Highway, this small community is a favorite amongst visitors to Canada’s Abbotsford of BC. The Centennial Outdoor Swimming Pool, Heritage Site, and treasured Abbotsford Art Gallery are its major attractions, while the charming Abbotsford Art Gallery showcases local artists through the years. The Abbotsford outdoor pool, which was featured in the 1976 film, Dune 3000, is open year round.

The park area has many amenities that make it a relaxing place to visit. Besides its amazing scenic beauty, the area is close to shopping and dining opportunities. The Shopsmith Centre on Bridge Street, an eclectic mix of restaurants and antique shops, is centrally located to the area. Another great place to shop is the busy Market Theatre on Bridge Street. Dining options are also abundant in the area.

The park has a lake fronting its gate. It is also one mile from the City of Abbotsford and is just minutes from Canada’s National Park. This makes it a convenient place to explore nature. There are also many hiking trails for hikers and cycling enthusiasts. The Kitsil beach Campsite is situated just beside the Kitsil water tower and is a perfect location for overnight guests.

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If you are looking for a place to swim and play, Mill Lake has two indoor swimming pools. These are called The Lake View and The Dockless Bay. The lake is also perfect for group swim meets. For boating, there is a boathouse just across the street. There are also canoe rentals available near the lake.

Due to its popularity, there is a limited amount of parking at the park. One way to get around this is by renting a shuttle. There is also a bus that leaves regularly to take visitors to and from the park. There are also taxis available to pick up visitors.

Mill Lake Charlie Park is managed by British Columbia Sightseeing Consulting Bureau. For more information on visiting the park, contact them. They can help plan your trip and provide information about other local attractions. To get to the park, use the Southammers Plain Entrance. For more detailed information, including other attractions, see their website.

While at Mill Lake Charlie Park, don’t forget to check out the many shops. There are many different shops located near the park. One is called Memories in Mill Lake and it has beautiful paintings. You will find antique stores as well.

If you are staying at one of the many hotels in Mill Lake, look for a restaurant called Mill Lake Cafe. This restaurant features sandwiches, salads, and pastries. There is also a gift shop that sells things like shirts, key chains, photo albums, and much more.

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